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We enter the unusual and poetic universe of Jephan de Villiers, whose work is totally impregnated, connected and created with what "nature has given him" as he himself expresses it in the film. After having lived on the edge of the Soignes forest in Brussels which inspired him so much, he is now settled in the Gironde estuary, where he works, always in total symbiosis with nature. An ode to life!

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- Un film de 12 min 

- Une galerie 

- Un podcast 

He set up his workshop near Pithiviers, in the Loiret.

It is there, and only there, that he has been working sculptures and drawings for many years.

His walks, in all seasons, on endless paths, his limitless horizon lines where the gaze is lost, stimulate his imagination and inspire his work. An anchorage in a territory which he himself says he could not do without….

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- Un film de 26 min 

- Un film bonus de 5 min

- Trois expériences 360°

- Un podcast

- Une galerie

Guy Ferrer, born in Algiers in 1952, is a French sculptor and painter of Italian mother and Catalan father. He is also an architect and a poet.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Guy Ferrer, painter and sculptor, possessed of a creative energy uncompromising us into the secret of his studio, where everything is played and replayed in infini.Toujours alert, "unquiet" as he says , the melee begins ...

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- Un film de 12 min

- Un entretien de 7 min

- Un podcast

- Une galerie

If Rachid's work is often made up of urban materials, he has been creating since the 1980s in a totally unknown place, the former military fort of Aubervilliers. A hectic boulevard, continuous noise. Beyond the gates, a “separate” space, where the workshop, a sort of shed, takes you into a fantastic world, made up of strange creatures and animal sculptures. It opens its gigantic doors onto a bucolic terrace, a sort of haven of peace between untamed nature and life-size sculptures.

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- Un film de 20 min

- Deux podcasts

- Une galerie

Ceramic painter in Vallauris, he sings the praises of the South where he was born. From the house to the factory, everything is creation. A life in fusion where painting marries ceramic, announcing itself on a wooden panel where it is simply written “Exposition Portanier”

The creator's lair is told on workbenches, shelves, walls. Warrior or animal subjects… Games of bodies or faces. Magical truculence of the colors that seize us.

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A venir

Stéphane Erouane Dumas uses oil paint on paper or canvas to reveal his vision of nature and immensity.

In his cold-colored Nordic landscapes, the horizon disappears to give way to the lines of trees, the patterns of cliffs and the reflections in the water of rivers and lakes.


A venir

D'autres Artistes sont à venir !

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Peintre - Français

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