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Stéphane Erouane Dumas

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Stéphane Erouane Dumas uses oil paint on paper or canvas to reveal his vision of nature and immensity. In his cold-colored Nordic landscapes, the horizon disappears to give way to the lines of trees, the patterns of cliffs and the reflections in the water of rivers and lakes. Oscillating at the limit of figuration and abstraction, his vibrant works reflect the cosmic grandeur of nature, between the real world and that of dreams. In the series “Wintertime”, inspired by trips the artist made to Norway, Scotland and Iceland, we discover winter scenes with dark and misty skies, punctuated by the vertical trunks of birches and the patterns of rocks and trees covered with snow, in the chromatic range of cold northern tones. Frozen, motionless and yet radiating life under a film of ice and frost, the landscapes of this series of paintings reveal the talent of the artist who gives us his perception of the harmony of the world.

This video has been deleted.
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